Book Feature: Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross

Since everyone in blog land is on the subject of Heather Ross (see the sidebar for links to her blog tour and links to Where to Find her fabric collections), let's take a look at her new book, Weekend Sewing, which is available in The Fabric Shopper Book Shop. Below is an excerpt from the description on and photos from the book, from STC Craft.
In Weekend Sewing, designer Heather Ross presents creative projects for clothing, accessories, and home items that can be made in a weekend or less. And because weekends are often the most fun when they’re social, Ross features ideas that encourage us to share our stitching and our time, such as a recipe for soup to simmer while sewing, then serve to guests later in the day, and tips for transporting a sewing machine to a friend’s house for an afternoon of social stitching.

The sewing instructions are beautifully illustrated, and patterns for the projects are included on pullout sheets.