Where to Find: Heather Ross fabrics - Part 1 - Mendocino

By now, many of you have heard the buzz about Heather Ross fabrics, she will not be designing any more in the foreseeable future and her current prints will not be reprinted. See this blog post from True Up for the details: True Up: Heather Ross News. So if this means you want to get yourself some Heather Ross fabrics while you still can, here's a guide to where to find them online. Please feel free to share any other sources you know of in the comments! (oh, and there's still plenty of stock out there - especially on Etsy!)

(description from the Free Spirit web site): Mendocino, inspired by the years Heather spent on the beautiful, rugged, and remote coastline of northern California. Mermaids, seahorses, octopi large and small, and the rich colors of redwood forests, black sand beaches, and "that unfathomably rich red that is found only on the belly of a fire-belly newt" make up the collections themes and colors.

Allegro Fabrics
Bee Square Fabrics
Belsize Square (Australia)
Cia's Palette
duckcloth (Australia) - giant octopi
Fabric Depot - swim class
Fabric Hound
Fabric Shack
kelani fabric obsession (Australia)
Retrosaria - mermaids and underwater sisters
Sew, Mama, Sew!
Volksfaden (Europe) - giant octopi
A Fabric Outlet - bundles, too!
fabricworm etsy - bundles, too!
Starlit Nest - bundles, too!
The Needle Shop
Lucky Kaeru Fabrics - mermaids and seahorses
Fabric Fabulous
Rainbow Fabrics
Jay's Novelty Fabrics
Mountain of the Dragon
Whipstitch - bundles!
On Board Fabrics
Crafter's Vision
Crafty Planet