Where to Find: Heather Ross - Part 3 - Lightening Bugs & Other Mysteries

Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries:

(From Heather Ross' website) Heather Ross has drawn upon the themes of her own childhood to create three groups of prints that can be mixed and matched to create everything from bedding and decor for children's rooms to stylish little wardrobes for babies and kids, and grown-ups.

"Dream Bikes" celebrates that little bicycle with the banana seat that we all wished for, Beach Day memorializes all of the goldfish we have loved (and lost?) as well as the trips to the beach we take with our families (Heather's entire family is depicted in this print, her brother in law tosses her tiny nephew in the shallow water, her grandparents snooze on the beach, and her little niece snorkels into deep water) and friends. The Beach print is designed as a border print, perfect for a dust ruffle on a childs bed or curtains in a little boys room, with the beach scenery designed to act as trim of sorts. Garden Gnomes were a big part of Heather's childhood, which was spent at the edge of a lush alpine forest in northern Vermont, as were the spotted mushrooms and wildflowers that she would hunt for in the meadows and woods around her.

Pickled Pear Lane - bundles, too
Fabric Shack
Quilt Home (dogs, too!)
Cia's Palette (dogs, too!)
down shadow lane - stripes & dots only
Honey Bee Humble - stripes only
Starlit Nest - bundles, grab bags
Brody and Ma (1 fat quarter of gnomes)
Topstitch Studio
On Board Fabrics (dogs, too!)
Crafter's Vision - stripes only
Lovin Fabrics

EDITED TO ADD: This list updated July 12, 2009. Please note many of these fabrics are now considered rare so some shops are charging a premium price for them, especially for gnomes, goldfish and happy campers. Also, please be aware of Heather Ross fabrics sold at bargain prices. While most sellers are honest and some maybe are unknowing of what they have, there are some "misprints" being sold as well. Please see this post by Amy of Badskirt, who was dealing with a seller who didn't know she had misprints: Badskirt: Bad Online Purchase