Online Fabric Shop Directory & Sales Sheet

Online Fabric Shop Directory:
The online Fabric Shop Directory has been updated and put into a spreadsheet for your convenience. Follow this link to see what it's all about: Fabric Shop Directory. (There is also a button on the sidebar). It is now divided into categories by country or continent. You will see the links along the bottom of the sheet. Also, each shop has a very general category(ies) of what types of fabric it sells. Of course, I don't have every shop in the directory so if your shop (or favorite shop) isn't on the list, feel free to email me to have it added! Same if a link is broken or another category needs to be added!

Sales Spreadsheet:
I decided to start handling sales information this way for a number of reasons. Link: Sales Spreadsheet. (There is also a button on the sidebar). Most importantly, I think it creates a better resource for you, the user! You now have access to the sales information anytime you need it, without having to search the blog. Also, sales will be posted more frequently from here on out, now that I don't need to hold the information until my next post. Creating posts with photos was a very time-consuming project and now I'll be able to just add them to the sheet daily instead. This also frees up my time to create other posts and new content. I hope this system works well for you and feel free to leave comments on this post.