Where To Find - Studio E - Flourish

Studio E is a fairly new fabric manufacturer: (from their web site: "StudioeFabrics is the newly launched wholesale division of Fabric Editions, LLC. Fabric Editions, LLC which is owned by Fendrich Industries has been in business for over 12 years specializing in packaged fabrics known as "pre-cuts" and "kits" which are sold into the mass specialty markets.")

Their fabrics are still a bit hard to find on-line, and after much searching I found only one shop carrying Flourish. However, it just became available, so maybe it will pop up at more shops soon! Flourish has an old-fashioned, European feel to it with modern colors, including turquoise and tangerine, paired with chocolate and cream. The photos are from So Fun Fabric, the artwork pictures are from the Studio E web site.

**if you have discovered this line anywhere else online, please comment and I will add it to the post!