Where to Find - African Fabrics

When researching sources for African fabrics I came across so many beautiful projects made with them! The single best source for information about the different types of fabrics and how they are made can be found here: The African Fabric Shop, based in the UK. I have more sources listed at the bottom of this post.

Beautiful children's clothing made with African fabrics by Etsy seller Ogekko. See more in the shop: Ogekko

Above 2 quilts are made with Shwe Shwe fabrics from South Africa (found on The African Fabric Shop's web site). More about Shwe Shwe here: The African Fabric Shop: Shwe Shwe

Above 2 quilts made from hand-dyed West African batiks (via The African Fabric Shop). More about the fabrics: The African Fabric Shop: Batik Hand-Dyed in West Africa

Fresh, modern women's clothing made from African fabrics. From top, Waking Up So Bright Skirt/Dress/Top from Etsy seller Planet Anilam. Temanava Dress from Etsy seller VC2o. Kente dress from Etsy seller Everything For Ever. Kwik Sew pattern # 3521 as made by Etsy fabric seller Boup Boup (via their blog Boup Boup) Dress not for sale.

Online sources for African Fabrics:
(please advise in comments if you know of other shops & I will add them to this list)

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