Fabric Trend Spotlight: Patchwork! - Part 3 - Other Lovely Crafty Projects

Here's where we oooh and ahhh at some of the beautiful, crafty patchwork projects from around the web:

Cotton patchwork furoshiki (hand-stitched!) by Etsy seller Mairuru. She blogs about it here: Mairuru: French Seam

Wee patchwork scarves, by onegirl. Go to this post to see them in action on oobees!

Patchwork pillow cover by Etsy seller Stitch In Dye (this one has sold, but she has many other delightful pillow covers in her shop)

Patchwork Polaroid, embroidered on a crazy quilt block from an estate sale, by Gina from doe-c-doe blog

Patriotic quilted baby bib, by Jenny of Blempgorf blog