I Love Gingham

... do you?

Gingham fabrics and quilt - as documented by El mundo de Julie en el mundo / Julie's world in the world blog in La saga de la colcha / The quilt saga

Gingham in quilts - by Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson! Scrappy Starling Hedgerow Quilt

Gingham in fun, crafty projects - (both by Mairuru) Patchwork Button Pouch (tutorial!) and Flying Sarubobo (saru = monkey, bobo = baby) Sarubobo?(explanation from Wikipedia)

Gingham in baby gifts - projects by Betz White from her Sewing Green book (these photos are her own, not from the book)

Gingham Clothing - House on Hill Road's Sunny Day Dress Tutorial as interpreted by Meg of Elsie Marley and Warm Weather Wrap-Like Scarf (tutorial!) from Jen Madsen of the Minneapolis Homemade Living Examiner (inspired by these scarves by Levi's)

Gingham on Etsy - Little Wren and Gray Pouch from seller Bubbletime.