Where To Find - Gingham

There are many, many online sources of gingham, here are just a few and what they have to offer:

Gingham shirtings - from Gorgeous Fabrics

100% linen gingham - from Denver Fabrics

Quilting weight gingham - Above left, Darla collection by Tanya Whelan, from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics. Above right, Sweet Pea by Moe3 from Down Shadow Lane.

Gingham seersucker - from Fashion Fabrics Club, 97% cotton, 3% lycra,

Organic gingham - from NearSea Naturals. Above left, blue and white organic cotton jersey. Above right, rich brown organic 60" cotton woven.

Gingham flannel - Above left, 60" French Gingham heavy cotton flannel, ideal for blankets and bedding (among other projects) found at Vogue Fabrics. Above right, 44" cotton quilter's flannel from Michael Miller found at Sara's Place.

Gingham oilcloth - from Oilcloth Addict