I've decided that moving this site sooner than later would be a good thing. So, The Fabric Shopper will be idle for a few days, hopefully not more than 5 days, while I get the new site ready. I don't have the "extra" time needed to work on 2 sites (yes, 3 small children!) so I'll let this one rest while I prepare the fabulous new one! I plan to post some photos from the new Flickr site here and there, so go visit it and post some photos! (oh, and I will keep the Sales Sheet updated as well!)

As soon as the new URL is ready I'll pass it along so you can change your bookmarks and I may do a few "practice" posts to see how the feed moves, so don't be surprised if you see something in your reader that isn't there when you go back ;)

See you soon! And, look what I found in the Fabric In Action pool! (Click on the photos to go to the photostream)

sofa redo with "flower power"

A new-to-me independent fabric design company: Wellfleet Waters (stunning fabrics!)

Mini l'autre

The elephant fabric featured yesterday on my Matatabi post, only this was purchased at Superbuzzy (from CharlotteCarotte)

spring tote, stitch magazine

Cute summery tote from yahaira