New Web Site Is Ready!!!

Check it out!!!

::Please change your bookmarks, this site (which is on blogger) will redirect, but I'm not sure for how long. I will probably do the redirect tonight or tomorrow.

::Feed readers - I will be working on changing the feed tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully, it will all go smoothly and you won't have to do a thing!!

::On the new site, the Where To Find feature is incorporated into the "Fabric Gallery". The Fabric Gallery cannot accept comments, so I will always post a blog entry for each collection in the Fabric Gallery and you can comment on that. Or, you can send me an email as well!!

::I will be working on adding some older, favorite collections into the gallery in addition to newly released ones. You will see a blog post when those are completed.

::I hope you enjoy the new site, there will be a few more features that I will unveil in the next few weeks, but please feel free to comment with suggestions or thoughts.

::I will be posting the winner of the Honey Girl Giveaway on this blog shortly

::Thank you so much for all your support!!!